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7 Wedding Planning Tips Your Guests Hope You Take to Heart

Take your guests’ wish list to heart as you plan your big day.



They want you to choose the right-sized wedding venue.

Your guests don’t want to utter or hear the phrase “we’re crammed in here like sardines” at your wedding dinner and reception. When you’re searching for a wedding reception venue, ask your prospective venues about the amount of guests they can hold comfortably—and use these tips to select the perfect wedding venue.

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They don’t want to guess about important details.

Your guests want to know the ins and outs of the evening.  Include all the important details in the invitation (i.e. parking, times, etc.) or on a wedding website.  This is a two-way street: give your guests the chance to respond with important details, such as any dietary restrictions (more information on how to accommodate all kinds of dietary restrictions in our recent post).

Your guests want choices.

To give your guests an enjoyable experience, don’t make them run out for a meal they actually want to eat or music they want to hear.  Choose a variety of dishes that fits anyone’s tastes (or ask your caterer for their recommendations for your wedding menu).  To be different and give your guests choices, consider food stations with a choice of interactive, unique dishes.  Don’t stop there.  Ask your guests for their requests for after-dinner music on your invitation and choose an entertainer that can make it happen.

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They want to be wowed by your atmosphere.

Go beyond impressing your guests with your beautiful venue.  Go to great lengths to connect every wedding detail into a strategic and personalized atmosphere.  From your table linens to your wedding menu, go to great lengths to create an awesome atmosphere (or lean on the experts who can!).

They don’t want to wait around.

Your guests don’t want to feel like they are in a doctor’s waiting room at your wedding.  As you plan your big night, make sure you lean on experience.  Choose experienced vendors that can answer all your questions and give you professional advice (that you can take credit for!).

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They want to be entertained.

Don’t just give your guests dinner options.  Give everyone—from the youngest to the most experienced—lots of options for entertainment.  If you are inviting children to your wedding, think coloring books, bubbles, children entertainers, and face painters.  (You get extra points if your wedding entertainment coordinates with your overall atmosphere.)

For your more experienced guests, choose a caterer that can give your guests interactive food stations and a delicious meal.  Take the experience to the next level with bands, DJs, and photo booths.

They don’t want to run out for late night refreshments.

Don’t make your guests come and go when they’re famished.  Give your guests an enjoyable experience from the moment they walk in the door until they’re exhausted (from all the entertainment you’ve provided).  Make sure you add a late night course of refreshments (ideas for fun late night courses in this post) to your wedding planning checklist; you’ll check off one of your guests’ top requests from their wish list too. 

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7 Wedding Planning Tips Your Guests Hope You Take to Heart
Article Name
7 Wedding Planning Tips Your Guests Hope You Take to Heart
Take your guests’ wish list to heart as you plan your big day so your guests actually enjoy themselves.
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