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Summer Drink Ideas

Refreshing Summer Drink Ideas for Your Next Event


We would be remiss in our summer menu planning if we didn’t follow up our list of delicious summer wedding cuisine ideas with a list of our favorite summer drink ideas for your event.



Refreshing Summer Drink Ideas.

Our Midwestern summer temperatures can reach a level that can be classified as scorching—and that’s even before you factor in the high humidity.  The hot weather adds—or should add—another dimension to your summer event planning: quenching your guests’ thirst (and minimizing the fainting from dehydration!).

Champagne with a summer twist

This is a drink that screams celebration…and summer if you give it a fruity twist.  Toast your wedding in style with our beautifully presented  summer champagne or class up your formal event with an elegant champagne served with a summer twist.

Strawberry…well anything

Strawberry sangria or a strawberry lemonade loaded with fruit adds to your event atmosphere and brings back memories of a fresh summer strawberry field.  Your guests’ll remember any delicious and unique berry drink—as long as you choose a caterer that can deliver the flavor and presentation.

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For your event, think beyond the refreshing lemonade you have at home.  Instead, class up the lemonade at your event with a lavender or fruit that’ll set your summer event beverage apart from the rest.  If your event is a summer picnic, serve your lemonade in a mason glass loaded with fruit or ask your guests to fill up at a beautiful glass beverage cooler filled with lemon and strawberries.  For a more formal feel, choose a caterer that can deliver an elegantly presented lemon spritzer.

Refreshing soda pop

This is the perfect beverage for a summer picnic themed event, vintage-themed 50’s diner event, or summer night at the movies—and you can play up your atmosphere by delivering more than just a soda in another plastic cup. 

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We can hear your reaction, “What? Who wants to drink a hot drink in these sizzling temperatures?” The fact is: your guests do.  Whether they need a late caffeine boost to keep them on the dance floor, or a supper drink, a classy summer coffee station can pacify guests attending even the hottest summer event.

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Rely on the experience of Chef Jack’s and ask for recommendations that accommodate your guests and create a memorable occasion.

Refreshing Summer Drink Ideas
Article Name
Refreshing Summer Drink Ideas
We would be remiss in our summer menu planning if we didn’t follow up our list of delicious summer drink ideas for your event.
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