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Black Swan Venues

Seating: 400 guests
Cocktail Reception: 500 guests

Riverwalk & Plant No 4


The Black Swan venues strive for a full wedding experience, which makes it hard to define just one item that sets these stunning venues apart. Black Swan Riverwalk and Plant No. 4’s unique blend of the old and new and prime Milwaukee locations make both venues uniquely amazing.

At Black Swan Riverwalk, located in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward, guests have to step back and take in every element of the Black Swan experience. Truly, the beauty of this breath-taking facility can be found in every space (both indoor and outdoor) and setting. Couples and guests love to tick off the endless list of details that makes this venue unique: striking staircase, gorgeous doorways, warm wooden beams, and stunning ductwork—all just the start of a remarkable interior architecture. The exquisiteness of the interior is complemented by a classic cream city brick exterior and picturesque patio where guests can enjoy a wonderful view of the Milwaukee River.

Not to be outdone, the newest Black Swan venue, Plant No. 4, is a wonderful combination of historic and industrial details located in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward. Notably different than its sister venue, the open and airy vibe of this venue gives an appropriate nod to the history of the 1917 building while adding modern details that makes any wedding day a spectacular experience. The amazing neutral interior, raw materials, and fantastic lighting make this venue the perfect backdrop for the custom details that make the day truly different.